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Urban Design Workshops

Urban design workshops draw upon a wide range of expertise in a concentrated event that might typically take place over a day or over a weekend.  This is particularly suited to complex urban design issues which require a broader level of examination and a raised awareness of latent opportunities.  These would normally be led by eminent practitioners working with local professionals, decision makers and interested lay people, culminating in a public exhibition and critical discussion about the way forward.

The centre has recently carried out an Issues and Opportunities Workshop, supporting Kerrier District Council on Redruth Corridor a major site within their Local Development Framework.

The 1 day design workshop engaged landowners and key stakeholders in very early discussions and design exercises for a major redevelopment opportunities of an important site of approximately 3.5 ha in central Redruth.

Recent Projects

Design Review

"As a region we should be proud of our heritage and protect it where necessary. But new projects can contribute positively to the quality of the public realm. Our ambition should be to build tomorrow's heritage today."

Peter Clegg, Chair,
South West Design Review Panel

Design and Heritage Environment Champions

The role of champions in the built environment and how leadership and training can be valuable tools in advocating design quality.

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